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How to win tic tac toe every time

Tic tac toe is a game that many people played as kids. It’s simple, easy to learn, and can be really addicting! The problem is that the game only lasts 9 rounds before one of the players either loses or wins. Most games end in a tie because neither player has won by then. One way around this is to play indefinitely until someone finally wins, but how long will you have to wait? A better solution would be to find out how to win tic tac toe every time so there are no ties at all!

This blog post will teach you what strategy it takes for each position on the board in order for you to win while playing against your opponent.

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Always go first

Many players think that whoever goes second has the advantage. The game starts with O placing their mark in one of the nine spaces on the board, and X then places theirs in an empty space. Unless O’s first move is a guaranteed win, then it doesn’t really matter who goes first because either player can win when they get to go first.

The first row of the tic tac toe board

If you are player O, then your goal is to place your mark in the center square of the first row. Then players alternate turns until someone wins. If X’s mark is not in the center square of any column, then no matter how they play, O will always win.

The second row of the tic tac toe board

If you are player O, then your goal is to place your mark in either square of the second row. Again, no matter how X plays, O will win.

Play defensively, not offensively

The idea is to not let the other player win, so your best option is to place your mark in a square where it prevents the other player from winning. This technique only works if you are playing against an opponent who doesn’t know about this strategy, but once they do they will try harder to find a way around it.

If you’re looking for a strategy to beat your friends at tic tac toe, this is the way to go.

If you are player X, then your goal is to place your mark in either square of the third row. The same thing applies here; no matter how O plays, X will win. This is because if O places a mark in the third column, it’s going to block the entire second row from being filled up. If O places a mark in any of the squares on either side of the third column, it will still be trapping X somewhere along the bottom row.

Don’t be afraid to forfeit if you’re losing,

Because you can always come back and beat them after they’ve gotten a little practice in. You may also like: The Best Way to Beat Middle School, High School and College Entrance Exams The Easy Way to Buy a Car The One Secret You Need For Success In Life.

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